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Past Events

Right now, in a garden near you . . .

Winter has vanished.
In it’s absence, the sinister
BARE SPOTS are showing
through the remains of last season
and will not go away until new plants
are installed.

With the support of the Newton Arboretum & Botanical Gardens,
General Leah Busch leads the Horticultural Assistance.
She is desperate to find
plants that will restore
beauty and harmony to your garden . . .


The 2024 Annual Spring Plant Sale was a success! Thank you to everyone who supported the Arboretum! We are here because of YOU!

Make plans to JOIN US May 2 & 3, 2025

This project was funded in part by a grant from the City of Newton Hotel-Motel Tourism Grant Program.


APRIL 27, 2024–Open to the public: Noon to 3:30 PM

The Iowa Artists held their State Show at the Newton Arboretum for the 2nd consecutive year! It was a packed house, with regional winning artists from around the state congregating to compete for State honors!

Please visit the 2024 Iowa Artists State Show page to view the amazing art that was on display!

Annual Pond Clean Out 2024

Spring is in the air. . . and has been since February! It’s been a weird, warm winter which means the pond was super mucky! Every spring we host a landscape-pond cleaning/maintenance demonstration with the experts from Just Add Water.

It was a COLD and blustery day, April 20th. JAW began the process of cleaning and prepping the pond water feature for its seasonal display at 9:30AM. Volunteers and board members shared the joy of cold hands, slimy leaves, and that lovely ‘fishy’ smell as we cleaned the accumulated muck.

The crew from JAW is always friendly and ready to answer any questions. Despite the cold we all had a good morning socializing and cleaning.

JOIN US next year to learn What Lies Beneath!


The not-so-micro problem of plastic pollution, and how you can help.

This year’s Earth Day theme was Planet vs Plastics. To help steward responsibility for taking care of our planet, the Arboretum hosted a recycling drive and demonstrated different recycling efforts occurring within the community.

Mission Coalition through their Looms for Love program set up shop inside the Krumm Center with an assembly line of volunteers, processing plastic shopping bags into sleeping mats.

Dodd’s Trash & Recycling provided an informational display reminding us what to recycle and how to recycle within the City of Newton.

UL Solutions volunteered a day of service. They worked on the grounds cleaning garbage, water features, and weeding. They also assisted in cleaning the Krumm Center AND learned how to process plastic bags for Looms for Love!

The battle against plastic pollution continues.
We are responsible for the earth–we decide WHO WINS.

2023 Fish Names Revealed!


The votes are in! The four big fish in the pond have been identified:

ANN CHOVY – shades of orange & white like an orange creamsicle

RORSHACK – or Rory for short, a mostly white fish with an ink blot test splotched on the head

TANCHO – another mostly white koi with just a dot of orange in the center of the head

COCO (Chanel) – a black & orange koi with flowing fins like a dress from the Chanel collection

Thank you to all who submitted names.
The fish are much happier now!