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Arboretum Gardens

At the Newton Arboretum & Botanical Gardens explore 6 acres of cultivated landscape (with an additional 13.5 acres seeded in prairie the spring of 2024). We display multiple annual demonstration beds, mixed borders, shade gardens, a butterfly garden, a rose garden, a peony border, and over 180 individual trees and shrubs.
The Arboretum also has over 3000 feet of hard surface trails for accessibility. Key features include:

Betty Allen Gazebo
Swanger Bow Bridge
Umbrella Trellis Garden
Riparian Limestone Escarpment
17,000 Gallon Landscape Pond

A revitalization of the grounds began in 2019 with the pond renovation. Then, after the derecho damage in 2020, several more beds were re-imagined. Over the course of the next few years, each of the gardens will be revamped to better demonstrate ecological gardening in our changing climate. It will take time for the landscape to mature—but there will always be something new to see!!